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Proms mark a rite of passage as high school juniors and seniors participate in their first big solo, grown up event. As with many other rites of passage which children endure, proms are also expensive. In some cases, they can be extremely expensive. For parents on a budget, finding ways to cut those prom costs without diminishing the memories or the teenage self image can be a challenge. With a little common sense and planning, prom can be an affordable event that even your teen will find acceptable.

In the research process, I picked up seven simple tricks that can help increase focus for a few seconds, a few hours, even a day if you take it very very slowly. Over a 30-day trial period I put them all to a test. Many I already did sporadically and just needed to incorporate them in regularly. I set up printed reminders and Outlook pop ups to keep them active.

Practice classic etiquette. Greet her warmly. If you met her online, say something such as, “you are even more beautiful in person.” Hold doors and car doors open for her. When walking down the street, offer her your arm, and walk so that you are closer to the outer curb. All of these things are gentlemanly and will not go unnoticed.

Gothic: This is a wedding theme on the upswing. For some couples, a Gothic wedding takes on a Victorian flavor, but for others, it is more dramatic. Subtle Gothic touches include jet black wedding jewelry, black candelabras filled with blood red roses, and bold makeup on the bride. More extreme couples have been known to take the Gothic theme much further, such as hosting the wedding at a cemetery. For those with an interest in a Gothic wedding, there are plenty of new websites cropping up to help you strike the right note with your flowers, attire, decor, and much more.

For a more relaxing excursion go to one of the many wonderful resorts in the area and enjoy a spa day or go for a wine tasting and tour at the Lakeridge Winery.

Sixth is taking breaks. It wasn’t until my third year wedding horse and carriage at college my first degree that I learned that if I took a short break every minutes for science every minutes I remembered more. My brain caught up with what I just read and processed it by connecting the dots with what came before. These are short space breaks or long ones depending on the topic and what you want to process. What is your maximum attention span? It averages somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

Dinner Reservations. Plan a group dinner party instead of the expensive pre-prom meal or opt for a less expensive restaurant. The purpose of the traditional prom dinner is really about the attention and the chance to feel grown up in public. This can be accomplished without a $100 meal check. If the prom couple is set on a certain restaurant, look for discounts or coupons in advance. Sometimes booking as a large group gets a discount as well.

Your fairy tale wedding can be a dream come true if you start early working with vendors who will provide the services that you need for your wedding. Make sure that they are reputable vendors who have experience in the industry and will work with you in making your dream wedding become a reality.

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