Lessons On Business Use Of Twitter

This debate has been continually stoked for the past year or two and seems to be coming to a head. It began most likely with social media marketers trying to gain a foothold as a legitimate marketing segment in order to acquire business clients. It’s difficult to convince people to pay your living if they see social media and social networking as something college kids use to post pictures of themselves at frat parties, or dad’s use to tell the world what they’re watching on television. It was a matter of legitimizing what they do.

Use the free wordtracker tool or the Google keyword tool to create a list of keywords people are using to find your topic on the search engines. This list will help you develop content that can be added to your web site. A site containing lots of content has a better chance of doing well in the search engines.

Look at your keywords, descriptions, and meta tags on your website. Make sure they reflect what you do and what you provide. If your website’s home page is labeled “Home” in your web browser, it’s not a wonder that your website isn’t getting any traffic. If this information seems like a foreign language, hire someone to help you. You need “SEO” for your website. (Search Engine Optimization) Without it, your website sucks.

Submit the pages of your website in Stumble Upon after joining in it. This serves as the largest source of traffic in the early stages of developing your website and it is essential to maximize the power offered by this to enhance the social media for startups.

Gillean Smith: Many people may feel the same way. But starting one’s own business seems an out of reach task as well. How did you go about moving from working for someone else to beginning to become a business owner?

Your social media strategy for startups must include a plan for expansion of your network. Once you’ve begun getting people into the network, it will grow exponentially but it’s very important to choose these first people according to your company’s image, values and market. Most sites will have many ways for you to find new people to add to your network, such as search by interest capabilities or groups that you could join.

Link Baiting: The training sessions for WordPress will explain how to use the link baiting technique can be used to earn quality backlinks. Link baiting is one of the most popular methods to get quality backlinks. All you need to do is to create a controversy at the end of your blog posts and see how the backlinks are attracted. The training session explains how to start a controversy. Alternately, you can also start a contest and declare free gifts. People love free gifts and this is an universal truth! Once you declare freebies, you will see that backlinks flow in easily!

Thank you to all the speakers for sharing your insight and wisdom with us! Day 2 of “The Power of eMarketing” starts today at 9 a.m. PST. Follow us on Twitter at @websuccess for live updates!

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