Sure Motorsports – Dreadnaught Rear Diff Mount Ms6

Once the car is up in the air and firmly supported on jack stands, remove the lug bolts and pull the wheels off. Look at the backside of the rotor/hub assembly and locate the sway bar drop links that attach to the control arm. In order to remove these, we will need to jack up the arm assembly to as near as ride height as possible. Place a jack under the arm and jack the control arm up, then remove the nut that secures the drop link to the arm. Now lower the jack. As you lower the jack, the drop link will pullout of the control arm. Repeat this procedure for the other side.

So, what’s the impression of this monster mount? After installing the mount you could instantly feel the mount Bushings and Plain Bearings the stiffness of the mount upon shifting and launching. No longer will you fear the rear diff mount breaking on you at the track or street.. Now, there is confidence that other AWD platforms have with your Mazdaspeed 6…

Install a protective plate on the bottom of the Cherokee to protect the front suspension, transmission oil and large, off-road obstacles while riding track.

The Flange Bearings material SURE chose to use follows a simple formula of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). How much is to much? meaning, how hard of a material can you use? Well, this comes from a lot of testing… SURE chose a track grade polyurethane that is strong enough to keep everything in line, but keep vibes and noise away… Their site lists it as being acceptable for daily driving use and we will agree, it doesn’t even become noticeable.

Use the palm of your hand to push the padded sanding sleeve firmly into place over the arbor. The pad will be a tight fit onto the shaft. Lightly coating the inside of the pad on the end with Vaseline might be necessary for easier installation. The four grippers that are built into the sides of the shaft prevent the pad from turning on the shaft during use.

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The Hitachi G18SR is also easy to maintain. The carbon brushes are externally accessible so that you can change them with ease whenever they get worn. The spindle can also be locked into position to allow for easy accessory changes.

While you can find Ramset tools at most home improvement stores, the Ramset parts themselves can be hard to find. If you are a contractor, your local Ramset nails supplier likely stocks the parts. You can also find Ramset parts all over the net. Many of the sites have a schematic that makes it very easy to locate the part you need. Try to stick with genuine Ramset parts if you can. If you are already paying shipping for replacement parts, consider buying some of the basic repair parts listed above.

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